Architectural Design Firm in NYC

Thank you for visiting – Since 1984 we have been the PRE-DESIGN specialists for maximum savings in construction and development costs.

Talo Architect is a full-service architecture and development firm based in Westchester NY as well as a Green Zero Carbon residential architecture firm. Our focus is on Class A Office Buildings, Museums, Concert Halls, Retail, Government Buildings, Broadcasting, Air Terminals, Stadiums and Urban Design. We are based in the New York Metropolitan area and operate globally. We are proud to offer on time delivery and cost control with ‘timeless designs’ that withstand the changes in architectural fashion is our first priority.

During the past decade, we have merged energy efficiency into one comprehensive guiding design principle. Our goal is to provide architecturally stunning buildings for maximum energy independence, as well as for tenant/owner comfort. We aim to save our clients approximately half a million dollars in energy and related equipment costs PER 1,500 square foot area over a 30 year period. Whether it is a residential or commercial structure as a passive or near passive project, we can help you perfect your new space or renovate the one you already have.

Our commercial and residential architects have many years of experience in Class A projects. With a vast understanding of cutting edge designs both locally and globally, we can add intrinsically more value to your property. We pride ourselves on abiding by classic and artistic design principles while providing tools for both a trophy property and a lively urban development.

We operate on virtual CAD 3D, BIM for our PRE DESIGN phase. From the beginning stages of our process, our clients can view their design in real-time as it evolves in 3D while continuing to work with our consultants for up-to-date methods and criteria.

Feel free to contact Talo Architect for more information on our design process!