Month: July 2011

Fashionable Architecture vs. Common Sense

In my first week at Architecture School, our very new and progressive professors wanted to make a point: They took us to architecture projects that were 10 to 20 years old (1974) and made us give them our view of how we thought they had achieved their purpose as buildings and as part of urban… Read more »

Build a Green ‘Fun House’ and Save Half a Million on the Way

Normally we see so-called Green Building with either very High Tech form or an otherwise engineered appearance that yells much too loudly “I am efficient”… The Brave Couple who are about to finish building the Greenest House in Westchester, NY in August, are nearing completion on a total Fun House, made for enjoying life with… Read more »

Most Spirited New York: A Look at New York Architecture

New York Architecture is a working machine (a collection of high density buildings) that is made pleasant by Street Life, Culture and Skyline. Architecture in New York is the ‘collective skyline’ and the pedestrian streets that are lined with every kind of shopping, restaurant and museum. So it is not about architecture as people generally… Read more »