Art, Architecture & Love

For the sake of humanity, I am taking a break from being just ‘Green’. As everything in life really is about sincere love and art when it is at its best.

So August is the time when we renew ourselves mostly, and this poem that my fiancée and I read to each other in Nantucket reminds us of the higher calling whenever engaged in making life worthwhile.


It is true.

I once had an ear that got sold to a fish.

Lean back: I will be glad to tell you all about

How it happened,

But first I must digress a bit,

Perhaps way beyond any logical sequence

Of events

We may ever again piece together.

Let’s see,

We could start anywhere,

With any word,

In this fertile luminous world in which I live.

What is the first letter of your alphabet?



That will be just fine.

Art is the conversation between lovers.

Art offers an opening for the heart.

True art makes the divine silence in the soul

Break into applause.

Art is, at last the knowledge of

Where we are standing—

Where we are standing

In this Wonderland

When we rip off all our clothes

And this blind man’s parch, veil,

That got tied across our brow.