Energy Savings Bill

Energy Savings bill First paragraph: The secretary shall support the development of national model building energy codes, including the updating of ASRAE and IECC model building energy codes and standards. An example: A couple came to me for help. They had their house designed and foundations poured, but realized that it had very little insulation…. Read more »

US Congress and Senate has the key for Green prosperity – worth 1/2 billion + each year on fuel savings

I’d like to reiterate something I mentioned to Congressman John Tierney the other night at North East Geo Professional association meeting in Boston: We do not support long term savings in building or infrastructure projects, and instead rely on instant gratification. 1. Buildings are built and developed to make income instantly at the LOWEST possible… Read more »

Summary of Architecture Career at 61: An Introduction to My Career in the Online Visual History of Architecture

Our career is one that most definitely has no set pattern to one’s success. Zaha Hadid came to visit us when I was working in Philip Johnson’s office. Philip said to her, “Build something, even a dog shed in your back yard.” She had won the Peak competition, but had no built work, and this… Read more »

Best Protection From Storms, Winter, and Natural Disasters: Extra Insulation and Fixed Windows

  The other day I was driving from New York to Boston while listening to news about the freak storm that hit the North East 10 or so days ago.  The complaints were about how long it took to get power back after the storm.  And yet, North America is the location of the cheapest… Read more »

Green Architecture Produces Green PROFIT – 85% More Efficient Than Current Buildings

From a very green architect’s desk:   Today’s architectural income was not dependent on market gyrations, or the usual fluctuations in stock evaluations– just smart bottom line directive. “Green” as it is called these days, was called smart, and just plain savvy in the past. One thing for sure, this type of investment returns profit… Read more »

Architecture and 9-11, and the Lack Raw Materials for Green Building

Last week was the 10th anniversary of the terrible day when many things shifted and changed, most of it unknown to most people. But very quietly we had also passed a major point in the world without any fanfare or alarm. It was roughly the date when we exceeded the use of raw materials as… Read more »

Art, Architecture & Love

For the sake of humanity, I am taking a break from being just ‘Green’. As everything in life really is about sincere love and art when it is at its best. So August is the time when we renew ourselves mostly, and this poem that my fiancée and I read to each other in Nantucket… Read more »

Beijing: The ‘New’ Old City to Enjoy

While handing over the entire Philip Johnson Architect archive of diaries and drawings (six years’ worth of projects that I had worked on with Johnson as principal designer to Tsinghua University School of Architecture), I had a week of rare uninterrupted time to really see how Beijing had changed. And changed it had from my… Read more »

Beautiful Minds to Foster Green Thinking (Saving a Trillion a Year on Resources Alone if Implemented)

Today 7-29-2011 – NY Times: The news comes as Congress is debating how to put the nation on a more sustainable fiscal path, with measures that some economists worry could further slow the recovery and even throw the economy back into recession. Since our Government, House and Senate are not able to pull away from… Read more »