Beijing: The ‘New’ Old City to Enjoy

While handing over the entire Philip Johnson Architect archive of diaries and drawings (six years’ worth of projects that I had worked on with Johnson as principal designer to Tsinghua University School of Architecture), I had a week of rare uninterrupted time to really see how Beijing had changed. And changed it had from my… Read more »

Beautiful Minds to Foster Green Thinking (Saving a Trillion a Year on Resources Alone if Implemented)

Today 7-29-2011 – NY Times: The news comes as Congress is debating how to put the nation on a more sustainable fiscal path, with measures that some economists worry could further slow the recovery and even throw the economy back into recession. Since our Government, House and Senate are not able to pull away from… Read more »

Build a Green ‘Fun House’ and Save Half a Million on the Way

Normally we see so-called Green Building with either very High Tech form or an otherwise engineered appearance that yells much too loudly “I am efficient”… The Brave Couple who are about to finish building the Greenest House in Westchester, NY in August, are nearing completion on a total Fun House, made for enjoying life with… Read more »

Most Spirited New York: A Look at New York Architecture

New York Architecture is a working machine (a collection of high density buildings) that is made pleasant by Street Life, Culture and Skyline. Architecture in New York is the ‘collective skyline’ and the pedestrian streets that are lined with every kind of shopping, restaurant and museum. So it is not about architecture as people generally… Read more »

Architecture and Humanity

Before returning to ‘Green and Savings’, I’d like to go back to my roots – architecture and humanity, and the idea of Man and Woman and our children. We love to be in cities, or at least visit them beyond our work for all that they offer. Varied, rich cultures of all kinds exist in… Read more »

Why Green Building?

Why Green Building? This seems like such an odd question to me. Let’s use an analogy from history. About 100 years ago car companies bought canals, trams and train lines in the UK and the USA in order to shut them down as competition to roads and cars. Today, in some European countries, the governments… Read more »

Love and How to Start Good Design

Love (personal with couples, artists, intellectuals and general society) is the root of good design. In looking back throughout my career, only clients with this attitude created good designs. Others were projects. No one (except one person who relocated his job) has sold or rented my residential projects. They love them so much. In commercial… Read more »

The Truth about Green Building

Green building is MORE PROFITABLE than Wall Street when it comes to personal private investments. It is also the best-suited environment for ART, ANTIQUE and RARE BOOK collections. So, conceptually it puzzles some of us architects that people in general will pay a lot of attention to the quality of cars, computers, and portable media… Read more »

How a Sound Engineer for the Rolling Stones Became a Green Architect

After 30 years of architectural practice, half of which was with the most renowned masters of Architecture in US; Edward Larrabee Barnes, Philip Johnson, James Polshek and Steven Holl, it took my late wife Judith Feder’s eight and a half year battle with stage 4 cancer to bring home the true meaning of GREEN and… Read more »