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The Best Way to Profit from Real Estate is Going Green

Green building from Talo Architect

The Surest and Best (Quickest Way) to Profit from Real Estate is Going Green When markets change, real-estate softness or downward evaluations can drag on. From our past experience, we have found that properties done REALLY WELL GREEN or NEAR PASSIVE, move lightning fast and have sold for more than the asking price. Naturally, every… Read more »

Pritzker Prize for RCR Arquitectes – Wonderful and Sad News

I have been involved with cutting-edge design from the very start of my career in architecture, but to me, the saddest thing is that we have not evolved. RCR Arquitectes recently received the Pritzker Prize. The firm is a remarkable manifestation of artistic and material excellence, very much like Tadao Ando with his Alvar Aalto… Read more »

Real Income for USA

Trillions of dollars each year if we think correctly using proven methods – Think and operate like Apple does. We just had a political earthquake, but instead of fixing matters it is opening fissures that will hinder real innovative thinking by the brightest professionals and overall growth. It is no one’s fault but our unique… Read more »

Saving $300K to $600K Without Effort in 30 Years

Plan before having children with near or full passive house savings Now that we have a summer holiday from super-high energy costs, it is actually the best time to plan ahead as they will be returning with a bang soon enough. But how many of us understand the potential guaranteed savings in 30 years of… Read more »

Why Should Solar PV Be the Last to Be Installed?

Solar PV Should Not Be Installed Until…. If one was to add up the usual culprits for an energy bill, it’s always best to start with the worst, largest abusers? Not just the largest, but also with ones that bring real comfort and safety home? We certainly spend more time under our roof than in… Read more »

Diminishing Resources and the Role of the Architect in Society

Tapani Talo Architect est. 1984 Tapani A. Talo, AIA Principal Architect and Artist   To: The United States of America Re: Trillion a year wasted energy alone since 1977 original speech by Jimmy Carter Architect’s 50th year Trillion-dollar ‘Moral Equivalent of War Speech – 2014 version!   A short background and reason for this speech. As… Read more »

Shale = Shame

As New York City’s premier green architectural firm, we are very concerned about energy use in the country. In order to save our children and planet, we must undergo a 90% improvement in energy use. That way, we would save 5.4 trillion a year with CURRENT energy prices in US spending. However, because of shale… Read more »

Toll Brothers and Trump vs. Greener USA as a Nation

Toll Brothers housing and Trump Towers are synonymous in US of ‘quality, power and prestige’. But neither have energy savings to talk about. Because it does not translate to IMMEDIATE income for them. The energy losses and costs are passed on to the purchaser, so why bother to go and help them or USA as… Read more »

US Energy savings bill – architect’s re wording of first paragraph

Energy Savings bill First paragraph: The secretary shall support the development of national model building energy codes, including the updating of ASRAE and IECC model building energy codes and standards. An example: A couple came to me for help. They had their house designed and foundations poured, but realized that it had very little insulation…. Read more »

Ideal Green building pre-requisite

Ideal Green Building is possible ONLY if CODE insists on ONE EXTRA FOOT for wall thickness past zoning envelope:, and excluded from rentable or buildable foot print’ as long as wall thickness reduces usable area for tenants, no sensible building can be built in USA. Ideal Green Building, whether it’s high, middle, low rise or… Read more »