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Why Green Building?

Why Green Building? This seems like such an odd question to me. Let’s use an analogy from history. About 100 years ago car companies bought canals, trams and train lines in the UK and the USA in order to shut them down as competition to roads and cars. Today, in some European countries, the governments… Read more »

Love and How to Start Good Design

Love (personal with couples, artists, intellectuals and general society) is the root of good design. In looking back throughout my career, only clients with this attitude created good designs. Others were projects. No one (except one person who relocated his job) has sold or rented my residential projects. They love them so much. In commercial… Read more »

The Truth about Green Building

Green building is MORE PROFITABLE than Wall Street when it comes to personal private investments. It is also the best-suited environment for ART, ANTIQUE and RARE BOOK collections. So, conceptually it puzzles some of us architects that people in general will pay a lot of attention to the quality of cars, computers, and portable media… Read more »