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Toll Brothers and Trump vs. Greener USA as a Nation

Toll Brothers housing and Trump Towers are synonymous in US of ‘quality, power and prestige’. But neither have energy savings to talk about. Because it does not translate to IMMEDIATE income for them. The energy losses and costs are passed on to the purchaser, so why bother to go and help them or USA as… Read more »

US Energy savings bill – architect’s re wording of first paragraph

Energy Savings bill First paragraph: The secretary shall support the development of national model building energy codes, including the updating of ASRAE and IECC model building energy codes and standards. An example: A couple came to me for help. They had their house designed and foundations poured, but realized that it had very little insulation…. Read more »

Ideal Green building pre-requisite

Ideal Green Building is possible ONLY if CODE insists on ONE EXTRA FOOT for wall thickness past zoning envelope:, and excluded from rentable or buildable foot print’ as long as wall thickness reduces usable area for tenants, no sensible building can be built in USA. Ideal Green Building, whether it’s high, middle, low rise or… Read more »

Architecture and 9-11, and the Lack Raw Materials for Green Building

Last week was the 10th anniversary of the terrible day when many things shifted and changed, most of it unknown to most people. But very quietly we had also passed a major point in the world without any fanfare or alarm. It was roughly the date when we exceeded the use of raw materials as… Read more »

Most Spirited New York: A Look at New York Architecture

New York Architecture is a working machine (a collection of high density buildings) that is made pleasant by Street Life, Culture and Skyline. Architecture in New York is the ‘collective skyline’ and the pedestrian streets that are lined with every kind of shopping, restaurant and museum. So it is not about architecture as people generally… Read more »