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You’ve stumbled upon our Airport Terminals Page. On this page, we hope you will find important information about how our architecture firm wants to help you choose the right professional association of architects. It is important to hire a professional design firm to spearhead your large-scale construction project.

We believe that your choice of a design firm can critically affect the long-term viability of your airport facility. A new terminal will increase the air traffic capacity of an airport in a major way, especially if it will include an impressive number of new passenger gates.

On the outside, an airport terminal is a functional space that must accommodate large volumes of air traffic, or jets moving in and out of the airport. Each airline company, large or small, depends on access to at least one gate on all of the days of the week that it operates flights. An airline’s goal is to maintain its regular operations and service a maximum number of passengers.

On the inside, an airport terminal is a space that can serve the needs of thousands, even millions, of air passengers each year. If a terminal isn’t designed well, it will only create frustration for hurried air travelers.

A terminal should be designed with the latest principles of design and energy efficiency to serve its functional purpose and to be cost-effective for the owner or lessee.

When you choose to learn more about Talo Architect, we hope that you will consider our impressive portfolio:

  • We completed an 8-week full 90% package for Macau International Airport terminal for Tams Engineers. This project gave our firm a different focus, such as taking us outside of our usual American niche.
  • We were fully in charge of all aspects of guiding two shift teams for the recent construction of JFK Terminal One in New York City. This was another creation by Talo, who was in charge of design delivery and approval. The entire process took only 9 months.

We hope that you will ask questions about our portfolio of airport terminal designs. You’re sure to have your own needs for a project budget and building specs.

Talo Architect has the technical expertise and specific knowledge of air terminal designs to make your building project a success. Let us impress you with a first-rate proposal.

Rest assured that it is our pleasure to serve you or your client in this exciting form of civil design.