Go Green Architecture

Before you select an architectural firm, consider defining your goals for the next building project. Why do you want to hire an architect? Why should a firm have architects who are environmentally-conscious?

Here at Talo Architect, we have the professional knowledge that will turn your dreams for green buildings into a reality. We’ve got time-tested ideas as well as the latest green design principles to introduce into your home or office design package.

There is even more to be happy about! There are infinite ways that we help our clients benefit from the latest building and design technologies. The green building project, whether it will be in the context of a home or a commercial building, will require extensive knowledge of green building principles.

At Talo Architect, we have combined different technologies for the best quality in green building. For example, we have completed plans for clients seeking a sustainable house or even a solar house. We create homes that will provide shelter and comfort while minimizing the need for electricity provided by a coal-burning power plant that pollutes Earth’s precious ozone layer.

Before you build an ecological house using the plans provided by an ordinary home builder, you want to consult the professional designs of architects specializing in zero carbon building.

Check out some of these fine qualities we include in green-built residences:

  • Residential designs are Always Green. Our Curtain walls feature wall construction with minimal HVAC needs because of the careful combination of insulation and shading concepts (and, don’t forget, advanced glazing of windows).
  • Expect that a home will require a small amount of electricity for HVAC because little energy is lost from the building any time of year.
  • The zero carbon footprint building technique we have developed is particularly suited to Art and Antique collectors. In this kind of building designed by Talo Architect, your art and antique collectibles are safe. Why? That’s easy. It’s because the interior of the building maintains perfect temperature and humidity.
  • Others who might want to buy an eco-home are professional composers seeking a quiet space. They want to know that choosing a green design will save thousands of dollars in building costs over the 20 years or more they will spend living in their eco-home.

For more information about green homes and sustainable living contact the experts at Talo Architect, we will guide you through the process of building your dream home while using the best products available for a minimal carbon footprint.