Talo Architect is a Government Building Architecture Firm. We have overseen the planning and construction of Embassy Buildings, Embassy Compounds, Foreign Embassy Compounds and more government buildings. Feel free to browse our site and contact us for more information about the variety of structures we plan.

From a design for a Finnish Embassy in Canberra, Australia, to a government office building in the United States, Talo Architect possesses the expertise that government clients require. This website offers you a glimpse into our firm.

There will be limitations that any government client would expect such as making building project decisions to reduce the risk of runaway costs. We also help clients to plan their building at a scale and level of convenience that taxpayers will find reasonable.

It is our aim to ensure that our professional compound architects will be available for you at every stage of design. We use 3-D modeling technologies to get client feedback on the professional design.

If you browse through the models featured here, you will see that we have entered different plans in international design competitions. Learn how we can tailor the architectural features of a new building design to the culture and aesthetic trends of a particular country.

If you look at examples of government buildings we have designed for a variety of American city, county, state, and federal governments, you’ll see how they fit in nicely into an urban landscape while still being unique enough to give the public agencies a structure with a unique character.

Our architects are guaranteed to exceed the expectations of any constituency. For a free consultation regarding our commercial architecture services, including how we specialize in designing Class A Office Buildings, call 914.645.2940.

Take any office building that you have seen, and imagine how it might be changed to include the highest standards in the building industry. You need a building that will meet your space needs now and in fifteen to twenty years.

We look forward to meeting your needs in the near future.