How Working with the Rolling Stones Made Talo Architect Greener and Wiser

Since 1980, Tapani Talo has worked in the architectural field developing a persona in the design industry. Working from 1980-2002 as a Principal Designer and Project Manager for the luminaries in Architecture world, he honed is craft in the industry. In 2002, Talo Architect was created with a bright future in the architecture world.

Tapani Talo ArchitectFrom Photographer to Sound Engineer

Growing up in Finland, Tapani took a liking to rock & roll music, art and architecture designing his first house at the age of 14. He decided to pick up the camera and start freelancing in 1965 at the age of 15. By 1967, he was photographing legends such as Eric Clapton and Led Zeppelin at their shows. After discussing sound engineering in February of 1970 with Robert Plant and photographing and interviewing him, he decided to move to London 1972 after he served in the army.

He eventually trained with George Martin’s AIR Studios in London, and then he recorded Black Sabbath with the Rolling Stones’ mobile studio when the sound engineer dropped out. This is where the Rolling Stones put him on full-time, which allowed Tapani to pay for his architecture education, study, and handle recording for the band. Ian Stewart, Stones manager and best friend, was an incredible person who showed Tapani how to do better by using up to date technology and talent – truly GREEN approach.

This was matched with GREEN education from day one in the London School of Architecture.

Tapani Talo: A Gifted Architect

Although he went the route of photography, art and music in the beginning stages, he had the incredible talent to be an architect. He arrived in the United States in 1977 and went to work for Edward Larrabee Barnes Associates in 1980. He learned the quality and approach to becoming a successful architect. Before working independently, he had to make sure his work experience came first because he wasn’t independently wealthy enough. This gave Tapani the chance to show his skills off working for Philp Johnson. They struggled with cancelled projects and only getting some of the major projects built in 6 years. The one on one designing with Philip Johnson was a remarkable experience.

Adapting to New Methods and Problems

With every incredible experience Tapani has had, it has taught him to be detail-oriented and patient with his work. Working in New York City, you have to be exact when it comes to dimensions and design, or else it won’t work. Tapani Talo learned that if you want something, you have to go out and get it on your own. No one is going to appreciate less than the best. Tapani puts so much dedication into his work while making sure every little detail is perfect, economical, efficient, and safe. This is where green building comes into play in the long run with immense savings. For efficiency and lasting architecture, green energy is what the focus has to be on.

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