When you think of hiring a design firm, you also probably don’t consider the wealth of experience that a professional brings to the table. We are more than just a specialist in routine residential architectural designs, our design firm specializes in different aspects of commercial construction projects. For example, our company is proud to work in the design of New York Green Museums.

A museum is another building with important functional considerations. This space is going to serve the practical needs of the museum owner, providing space for a variety of art, science, technology, history, or other cultural exhibits. Because the needs of the museum to display artifacts will change over time, the space must also be easy to transform, especially according to artifacts of very different dimensions.

Talo Architect specializes in preparing custom building designs for museums considering renovation, expansion, or new construction. If you have the ability to imagine a beautiful museum space in which the organization’s collection can be displayed for the public’s pleasurable viewing, then you should ask us about our affordable services.

We want to be your Green Museum Architect of choice. Let our commercial architects translate your visions for a museum space into a reality.

What kind of background do we bring to the creative design process? It just so happens that this firm has an architect on staff with a significant background in painting and photography. This professional commercial architect has spent much time in museums and concert halls, including previous work experience as a sound engineer for Rolling Stones Mobile Studio.

In this capacity, the architect witnessed firsthand the splendor of different museum spaces in operation around Europe, including spaces that exhibited a wide range of art pieces and displays.

This diverse experience brought back to the firm’s location in New York City means that you will get new designs reflecting different domestic and foreign influences. Expect a design for a building that is both American and truly global; get all this while continuing to satisfy the aesthetic needs you have for a new building.

This architect will be happy to bring the wealth of knowledge about art and Museum Architecture to work for clients in the U.S. and abroad. Examples of work included Stevn Holl’s Kiasma at the Museum of Modern Art in Helsinki, Finland, as well as other projects such as the Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis, MN, and the Asia Society in New York.

For more information about hiring an architect for your museum construction project, please call 914.645.2940.