It is an important step that consumers take to hire a professional firm specializing in residential architecture. At Talo Architect, we have compiled many reasons why you might want to hire a professional architect to discuss with you our ideas for the newest types of Solar Homes.

Consider these reasons for why you should select an architect to draw up the plans for an eco-friendly dream home for your family:

Building a green home is better for the environment. This seems like an obvious reason, but you can really decide if green building is right for your situation by comparing the environmental impact of a typical home with the impact of one of our green home designs. You will see a huge difference in the amount of electricity and water that a standard home will use when compared to the electricity and water used by one of our beautiful solar homes.

A professional architect will offer a different perspective on Green Architecture plans than you would expect to find from a “green” home builder. Let’s be honest here. A home builder has certain bottom-line considerations to take into account when helping you decide on a green home design. What you need is a third-party that is going to consider cost, functional considerations, environmental impact, and other factors before suggesting the right home plans for your personal budget.

You really are tired of viewing cookie-cutter floor plans. The right floor plan for your home will not be a design that a local builder uses with a few clients or many clients. The best thing to do is hiring an architect to create plans to your specs without borrowing too heavily from other architects and home builders.

Since we have a geothermal architect to meet your needs with specific knowledge in green home design and solar residential construction, we hope you will give us a call at 914.645.2940

When you are ready to hire a professional home builder to turn green building plans into a reality, you will know that the separate architectural design process practiced by Talo Architect was well worth the effort!

You can never go wrong by seeking a Green Architect to draw up your plans. You want the peace of mind that you are getting the best plans for the price you can afford!

Thank you for your interest in our architectural firm!