Saving $500,000 in Energy Costs Over 30 Years in a 7000-SF Home

As the markets hover between euphoria and caution, one thing remains VERY steady in all of our lives:

Annual energy usage – be it heating or cooling – and comfort.

The images here demonstrate the tangible economic and practical benefits of passive energy savings. Thanks to the improvements we made in this 7000-square-foot home in Greenwich, Connecticut, it’s now possible to heat the home with a single fireplace. By improving the home’s insulation and installing near-passive windows with glass developed at MIT, we were able to achieve a near 90-percent reduction in the home’s energy consumption.

Furthermore, the interior looks timeless and comfortable, rather than appearing cold and sterile like many other “high tech” projects.

Because green passive upgrades are integral to a home’s construction, the benefits of these improvements won’t go away, and they may only improve if the global wars trade wars or real wars occur.

Real estate values will always cool after their next record run, but these savings are steady and only improve with time. Not only that, but houses and commercial buildings with modern passive design upgrades also tend sell or rent faster.

The health benefits of this type of environmentally-friendly design are worth noting as well, but that discussion may require another blog entry of its own.