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World’s Tallest Buildings

We have a love affair with super tall buildings – those 3,500 to 4,000 feet tall, or the “mile-highs.” It not only needs to be safer than others, it has to be flexible and green, and preferably meeting a passive standard. In one design this year for another super tall building, I was very unhappy… Read more »

An Architect’s Profession: Career and Value to Society

WE admire beauty, to the extent that we admire even F.L. Wright, whose buildings often reached 10 or 20 times their original budget. We architects working today cannot even add 7% to the building budget that would make it totally passive, green and over a lifetime produce enormous savings and comfort to the owners. What’s… Read more »

Architecture and 9-11, and the Lack Raw Materials for Green Building

Last week was the 10th anniversary of the terrible day when many things shifted and changed, most of it unknown to most people. But very quietly we had also passed a major point in the world without any fanfare or alarm. It was roughly the date when we exceeded the use of raw materials as… Read more »

Art, Architecture & Love

For the sake of humanity, I am taking a break from being just ‘Green’. As everything in life really is about sincere love and art when it is at its best. So August is the time when we renew ourselves mostly, and this poem that my fiancée and I read to each other in Nantucket… Read more »

Beijing: The ‘New’ Old City to Enjoy

While handing over the entire Philip Johnson Architect archive of diaries and drawings (six years’ worth of projects that I had worked on with Johnson as principal designer to Tsinghua University School of Architecture), I had a week of rare uninterrupted time to really see how Beijing had changed. And changed it had from my… Read more »

Fashionable Architecture vs. Common Sense

In my first week at Architecture School, our very new and progressive professors wanted to make a point: They took us to architecture projects that were 10 to 20 years old (1974) and made us give them our view of how we thought they had achieved their purpose as buildings and as part of urban… Read more »

Architecture and Humanity

Before returning to ‘Green and Savings’, I’d like to go back to my roots – architecture and humanity, and the idea of Man and Woman and our children. We love to be in cities, or at least visit them beyond our work for all that they offer. Varied, rich cultures of all kinds exist in… Read more »

Love and How to Start Good Design

Love (personal with couples, artists, intellectuals and general society) is the root of good design. In looking back throughout my career, only clients with this attitude created good designs. Others were projects. No one (except one person who relocated his job) has sold or rented my residential projects. They love them so much. In commercial… Read more »