The Best Way to Profit from Real Estate is Going Green

The Surest and Best (Quickest Way) to Profit from Real Estate is Going Green

When markets change, real-estate softness or downward evaluations can drag on. From our past experience, we have found that properties done REALLY WELL GREEN or NEAR PASSIVE, move lightning fast and have sold for more than the asking price. Naturally, every real-estate transaction is unique, and we can only use our own reference.

Green building from Talo Architect

So, as a conclusion:

Whether it’s residential or commercial, the best way to profit from real estate is investing in green energy. Green homes and buildings benefit you with less costly energy bills because energy is used less. For long-term benefits, this is the way to go. (One may also read about The Empire State Building retrofit and the owner’s amazing results as a small study as this is well documented)

Benefits Go Unnoticed

For all the benefits of going green, they almost always go unnoticed because they are essentially long-term benefits and investments. Normal developers want to see immediate results for decreased daily costs, but in reality, it takes time.

There are plenty of documented studies of health-related benefits that are 100 times more beneficial to the occupants of the building, but this issue is never brought up. The users are paying for the “less than professional” space.

Going Green with Talo Architect

At Talo Architect, we are environmentally conscious because of the many great benefits that come with going green.

With us, you’ll reap these benefits:

  • Incredible comfort while at your property
  • Less maintenance with our equipment
  • Quieter in the Summer as no fans outside are roaring
  • No frozen pipes in winter

We provide our curtain walls feature wall construction with minimal HVAC because of our careful combination of insulation and shading concepts and advanced glazing of windows.

Electricity needs will be cut back because of our green building techniques. You won’t require as much energy. Our zero-carbon footprint technique benefits art collectors especially because the building will maintain the perfect temperatures and humidity all year.

Choosing a green design will save you thousands in building costs over 20 years or more. The long-term benefits outweigh the immediate benefits because you’ll be paying less in energy bills and helping the environment.

Talo Architect

For more information on our Go Green Architecture and the benefits of building green, contact Talo Architect at 914-645-2940 today! We are dedicated to architecturally design and plan residential and commercial buildings while going completely green.